Banner is an administrative database that houses all student-related data; essentially tracking student activity from recruitment to graduation. It provides data integrity, accessibility and flexibility for enhanced decision-making, and improved service to students. The Banner database is directly linked with the Student Information System (SIS), which provides secure online access to student information. Students can access financial aid information, register for classes, check/order transcripts, pay tuition online, and/or perform many other student related transactions. Faculty can access class lists and submit grades.


In order to use Banner, you will need to obtain a Banner ID and DUO Authentication. To obtain a Banner ID, please follow the steps below.

1. Submit an online Access Request form ( Make sure to select "New Banner ID".

2. Complete the self-paced Computer-Based Training (CBT) (

3. After your Access Request Form and CBT score have been received, you will receive an email informing you that your account has been created.  Due to multiple authorizations required (Department Chair/Director) as well as all respective data stewards, it may take up to two weeks before Banner/SIS access is granted. After all the approvals are received, your Banner ID is created and you will receive an email regarding your Banner account and how to access Banner.

Please consult the Quicknote What is Banner? found on the Helpdesk website ( if you need help with how to access Banner.


You must complete an Access Request Form ( Be sure to specify what access you need and why you need this access. After approval of the change has been received, access will be granted.

Banner 9 Resources
Ellucian website

Ellucian is the software manufacturer for several products we use on campus, namely Banner, SIS and DegreeWorks (known as MyDegreePlan here at UM-Flint). The Ellucian website offers several resources to assist users and should be your number one resource for Banner information. If you don’t have an Ellucian account, you should get one now

Community, documentation, and Banner 9 guide are all great ways to learn about Banner 9 and are available through the Ellucian customer support website.

  • Community: Connect and collaborate with other Banner users in the Community. Once in the customer center, click Resources and select Community. You can search or follow an area. In any area, there is featured content on the right-hand side, too.  There are several videos available on how to use the Community if you need assistance.
  • Documentation: Once in the Ellucian Customer Center, select Resources and click Banner under Documentation.  Then under Find Documentation select Banner Student (or whatever module/app) & Search.  Note: some releases are bundled with their 8x counterpart.  You can get just the release guide separately, or the bundle of installation guide, release guide and the resolution text file.
  • Banner On-Demand Training: UM-Flint has purchased an enterprise subscription to Ellucian's On-Demand Training, which is available through Ellucian Customer Center. For more information about how to access the on-demand training please visit the Banner On-Demand Training Quicknote.
  • Banner 9 guide: Once in the Ellucian Customer Center, select Banner 9 Guide (

    • Checkout the Learn More section on the right-hand side.  Look at the Keyboard Shortcuts or see our quicknote.
    • List of available Applications available.
      • The Administrative Apps are Banner forms (INB)
      • The Self-Service Apps are our SIS
        • Within the Self-Service Apps If you click the “Show Resources” there are webinars and documentation for the specific app.




Banner and SIS are normally available 24 hours a day, except for the regularly-scheduled downtimes. Please see Network Maintenance for scheduled downtime.

Banner Committees

Database Development and Assistance


Several units within ITS are staffed with personnel who have expertise in database and web-based form development.


The Data Information Management (DIM) team provides technical support for the use of Banner and the Student Information System (SIS). To inquire about services, please contact Jennifer Daraiseh.


The Web Services team provides technical support for the use of FormAssembly (a web-based form development system) as well as PHP/MySQL database and ASP/Microsoft SQL database development with web-based reporting and forms for data that is not associated with Banner or SIS. The Web Services team also provides services such as speciality programming of web-based reporting and forms. To inquire about services, please contact Tim Todd.