Email Addresses for all UM-Flint users are as follows:

  • You may access your email either on campus or from home using web-based email by typing in the browser
  • ITS supports the use of Gmail and the Gmail App for mobile devices.  Any applications outside of this list may or may not work with our mail system.
  • Please be aware that the size limit for messages (including attachments) is 20 MB.
  • NOTE: Messages left in your Deleted Items folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • After creating an email account students:
    • begin to receive Mail Digest
    • have access to special features like email Signatures

ITS highly recommends that you use your UM-Flint student email account to view campus-related messages and to communicate with your professors and fellow students.


With Gmail, your email is stored safely in the cloud. This means you can get to them from any computer or device with a web browser. You can also quickly organize and find important email, as well as read and draft email without an internet connection. For more information, please visit the G Suite Learning Center to learn more!

Our favorite Gmail features include:

  • Integrated email, calendar, contacts and task lists
  • Remote access to mail, contact and calendar folders through any Web browser (no special software needed and accessible for both PC and Mac)
  • Ability to look up contacts by using partial name or uniqname
  • Familiar toolbars and menus that are standard with Google products

The University assumes no responsibility for email that is forwarded off the campus network. Information Technology Services (ITS) highly recommends that student, faculty, and staff access their UM-Flint email account to view campus-related messages and to communicate with fellow faculty, staff, and students. For email guidelines, please consult the Electronic Communication Policy.

**Warning: ITS can not recover lost mail or support any problems that may occur after forwarding. Please be aware that forwarding has caused problems for some users. Users have lost important email after forwarding. Some known problems with other email services include; full mailboxes, invalid email addresses, spam filters setup that block the forwarded mail, and attachment blocking.