MCards and Parking Permits


UM-Flint students, faculty, and staff can obtain a new or replacement Photo ID card (Mcard) by going to one of the UM-Flint Mcard Stations which are open during normal lab hours in 206 MSB and 3174 WSW 

Click here to see operating hours for these locations.

At the beginning of every semester, ITS distributes Mcards at the University Pavilion Stage. For the next distribution period, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810-762-3123.

A valid government issued picture identification card (such as a driver's license or passport) is required to obtain your Mcard.


Prove that you are a current student

Picture identification for student services on campus

Functions as a library card and a debit card for using the printers in the open computer labs

Picture identification for UM-Flint Recreation Center

Swipe access into open computer labs and other authorized areas

Functions as a debit card for the Dining Dollars meal plan account in the Riverview Dining Room and the University Center Food Court.

Faculty and staff who pay for parking on the UM-Flint campus can easily use their Mcard for parking in the faculty/staff parking facilities on the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus.


You are able to check the meal plan on your MCard by going to You will need your uniqname and UMICH (Kerberos) password to log in.


There is a $10.00 fee to replace Mcards that are lost, stolen, or damaged. You must pay the fee at the Cashier's Office, located at 261 University Pavilion, and bring the receipt to the Mcard Station before the Mcard can be replaced.

No fee will be charged for Mcards that must be replaced because of name or department changes, expired cards, or a card that no longer functions due to normal wear. When requesting a no-fee replacement, your old Mcard must be returned at the Mcard Station prior to receiving the replacement.

Note: All photo ID and non-photo ID cards are the property of the University of Michigan and must be surrendered upon request.

Found Mcards

If an Mcard is found and returned to the ITS Helpdesk, an email will notify the cardholder of where they can retrieve it.

Previous Mcards

Once a replacement Mcard is issued, all previous Mcards become invalid. If a cardholder locates a previously lost Mcard (after a replacement card is issued), the previously lost card cannot be re-activated or used to turn in to an ID Issuing Station to avoid paying a replacement fee or receive a refund.  According to the University's Standard Practice Guide 601.13, each member of the University is allowed only one identification card, the Mcard, at a time. 


Student vehicle registration must be completed online at  ITS distributes parking permits and/or validation stickers to students registered for classes in conjunction with the Mcard distribution at the beginning of the semester at designated locations in the University Pavilion and the William S. White building.  

Validation stickers are valid for an entire academic year.  For example, if you obtain a Fall 2018 sticker it will be good until the Fall 2019 semester starts.

New Students (registered for classes): First register your vehicle by going to and click 'Parking' on the menu.  Once your vehicle is registered you will be able to visit one of the distribution centers at the beginning of the semester or the ITS Helpdesk to pick up your parking permit.

Temporary Student Workers (not registered for the current semester): Parking permits for temporary appointments are available at the DPS administrative office. Parking permit form for Temporary Workers

Students can also obtain their parking permit during the remaining portion of the semester at the Mcard stations in the open computing labs at 206 MSB and 3174 WSW.