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This page includes information about major projects that Information Technology Services is currently undertaking.

Student Password Sync

Banner 9

Did you know the next version of Banner is coming soon?  Banner 9 will be here before you know it! 

What’s new, you might ask.  Well, the new Banner administrative pages have several usability improvements like improved navigation, search features, and a new standard look and feel. It has a modernized user interface with industry standard web controls and it no longer relies on older Java technology.  There are still many familiar concepts, similar page layout containing a key block at top and sections or tabs below displaying data. There is an improved system messaging, where you can easily see success, warning, and/or error notifications. Banner 9 is mobile friendly which is prefect for any recruiting or advising on the go.

Helpdesk Banner Quicknote:

To learn more about Banner 9:

Watch this video about Banner 9 Overview and Navigation.

Checkout this Banner 9 guide on Ellucian’s website. 
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