Alumni Accounts

ITS offers a couple of different types of Alumni Accounts for alumni of the University of Michigan-Flint.  

Alumni Google Apps Account

  • Email account provisioned by Gmail (
  • Access to Google Apps under the University account
  • Basic troubleshooting assistance from ITS Helpdesk
  • No cost 

Alumni LAN Account

  • Alumni Google Apps account benefits plus:
  • LAN ID and password to access applications in all ITS open computer labs and the campus Wi-Fi network (eduroam)
  • A total of 2 GB of storage space on the data server (H Drives) used to store personal files. (This service will be discontinued on June 1st, 2021, and is being replaced with Google Drive.)
  • Basic troubleshooting assistance from ITS Helpdesk
  • Alumni LAN Account costs $5/year
  • You must be degree-holding alumni to qualify for this account.

Request an Alumni Account


PaperCut is the system that ITS uses to keep track of student printing in the computer labs on campus. When you print a document in the computer labs, it doesn’t automatically print on the printer at the front of the lab. You must “print” the document from your computer in the lab and then log into the printer (swipe your Mcard or type in your credentials) to release your print job. When you release your print job, the fee for printing is deducted from your print account funds.

Please note:

  • Active students must add PaperCut funds thru SIS.  

    • More information on how to add PaperCut funds thru SIS is available here.
  • Alumni can use the "Add PaperCut Funds for Alumni" button. 

Add PaperCut funds for Active Students

Add PaperCut Funds for Alumni


Microsoft Office 365 is FREE to current students, faculty, and staff on up to 5 different devices!  For more information, click the "Get Microsoft Office" button below to review the Quicknote and get more information.

Other software titles are no longer offered for sale directly from ITS.  Instead, we recommend that you visit Ann Arbor's Computer Showcase for all your software and computer purchasing needs.



Get Microsoft Office

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