Getting Started

Mission Statement:
ITS is a diverse team of highly dedicated professionals committed to our students, faculty, staff, and the community. Our mission is to provide technology solutions, services, and support founded on the business needs of our campus community. We strive to support and enhance the mission of the University of Michigan–Flint. Our focus is to use technology to inspire students, empower educators, enrich administrators, and improve the state of Michigan and the world.

The University of Michigan-Flint’s Information Technology Services department  (ITS) supports your learning, research, and productivity needs, both on-campus and off-campus.  The technology environment at UM-Flint rivals that of most world-class academic institutions.  
We encourage you to take advantage of the great information technology environment which is right at your fingertips! 

The First Three Things You Need to Know


Your Uniqname is your personal computing identification, which gives you access to the campus computing environment at UM-Flint as well as the computing services supported centrally by ITS at UM-Ann Arbor.

Your uniqname—pronounced “unique name”—is printed on the back of your Mcard (the UM-Flint identification card).  Your uniqname is public information and will remain with you as an identifier for as long as you are associated with the University of Michigan.

For more information please click HERE.


Your UM-Flint LAN Password is your chosen secret code used with your uniqname. You will use this password to authenticate your access to all UM-Flint resources.

You can get this password set up initially at the ITS Helpdesk. When you stop by for your password, please be sure to have a form of government-issued photo identification.

Security and Your Passwords
You may have several passwords to access services provided by various University of Michigan departments and units.  When you change your UM-Flint LAN password it does not change your UM-Ann Arbor (also known as the UMICH or Kerberos) password.
For security reasons, we require that you change your UM-Flint password at least once every three months and that you do not use your UM-Flint password for any non-university service, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL.



The services provided by ITS for faculty and staff are outlined HERE. Please familiarize yourself with these services and if you have any questions, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810-762-3123 option 1 or by email at


All faculty and staff receive a UM-Flint email account. Your email is

Webmail is available at

Quicknotes are available on the Helpdesk website to guide you in using Microsoft Outlook email.  

All email correspondence from UM-Flint will be sent to your employee account.


UM-Flint faculty and staff may obtain a new or replacement Photo ID card (Mcard) by going to one of the UM-Flint Mcard Stations in 206 MSB or 3174 WSW. The Mcard stations are open during normal Helpdesk hours.  

Government picture identification is required to obtain an Mcard.

The Mcard is required by ITS to access most of the open labs, the Library for printing and checking out books, by the Recreation Center for use of the facilities, and as a debit card for purchasing Dining Dollars to be used at the Riverview Dining facilities in the UCEN.

For additional information, please see:

Network Space

A UM-Flint LAN password in combination with your uniqname is required for use of any networked computer on campus. The UM-Flint  LAN provides faculty and staff access to email, Microsoft Office programs and other networked software, Internet applications, and these storage spaces: 
Homedrive (H: Drive)
You can conveniently store and access your electronic files using your personal directory on the campus server, Homedrive, which is also known as the H: Drive.  You can identify your H: Drive in the list of directories on a campus computer because it begins with your uniqname.
Many LAN services may be accessed from off-campus by using UM-Flint’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). To access the VPN navigate to

For additional information about the VPN, please see:

Technology Sales

ITS invites faculty and staff plus friends and family to take advantage of our agreement with Apple which provides discounts for personal purchases of computer technology.   

Ann Arbor also has its own technology sales site which can be found here:

ITS provides faculty and staff with Microsoft products at discounted prices.  This includes installation software for:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office

Please order your software at our online store at

You can download Microsoft Office 365 FREE!  Visit for more information!



Faculty and staff are eligible for a variety of computing services at the University of Michigan-Flint.  A uniqname and UM-Flint LAN password is required to use most of these services. 

ITS Managed Services

The ITS Helpdesk

ITS Helpdesk consultants are available to answer questions about UM-Flint computing resources and provide technical support and troubleshooting for problem equipment. You may reach the helpdesk by:

The main helpdesk location is MSB 206 with a satellite desk located in WSW 3174.

Helpdesk hours can be found HERE.

The helpdesk is also in charge of writing and maintaining all quicknotes for use on campus. These quicknotes provide information about a variety of topics and resources found throughout campus.

Quick notes are available at

Instructional Labs

There are six instructional computer labs on campus for faculty use supported by ITS. Instructional labs are equipped with desktop workstations, an instructor workstation and VCR connected to a projection system, and a networked laser printer.

Lab descriptions are available online HERE.

Open Labs

ITS maintains four open labs—206 MSB, 205 FH, and 3174 WSW, and 2nd Floor Riverfront. 205 FH and 2nd floor Riverfront are unstaffed and will require an Mcard for access into the lab. 
Open computer stations are available on all three floors in the Library.  Instructional labs are used during class sessions only.
Click HERE for lab locations and hours.

Faculty/Staff Open Lab Access

Faculty and staff without desktop access to the network may use the equipment in any open computing lab. ITS staff will assist, to the best of their ability, with projects using any supported software.

Mediated Classrooms

Mediated classrooms in French Hall, Murchie Science Building, and the White Building feature presentation equipment:

  • a Smart Cart or Crestron Media Center with wireless connectivity
  • desktop computer 
  • document camera
  • data projector
  • DVD/VCR player
  • speaker system

Classrooms must be reserved in advance through the Office of the Registrar. They can be reached by calling (810) 762-3345.  

For a list of equipped classrooms, please consult for more information.

Training on the use of the mediated equipment is available by request via:

A Smart Cart training slideshow is available online at

Wireless Campus

Wireless network connections are available throughout all campus buildings.  

Faculty and Staff may use their own laptop computer to connect to the UM-Flint wireless network by following the steps available at

Print From Anywhere

Faculty and Staff can print from their laptop to the printing system in the labs. For more information please click HERE.

Faculty and Staff members can add print credits to their PaperCut account with a credit card at

For additional information on printing at the UM-Flint, please see 

Technical Training & Information

Training in supported software and hardware is available free of charge for UM-Flint faculty and staff through ITS. If no formal workshops are scheduled, individual assistance with projects utilizing ITS supported software is available.  More information can be found online at
To request training, please contact the Helpdesk at 810-762-3123 option 1.

The Banner administrative database houses all UM-Flint student-related data. The Banner database and reports can be accessed only through an internet browser that is connected to the campus network; however, UM-Flint’s online Student Information Services (SIS) system provides faculty and students with an easy-to-use web interface for accessing Banner data. A Banner ID is not needed for use of SIS. The Banner Website,, contains links to online Banner resources, including the Banner ID request form, User Manual, Quicknotes, and the online tutorial for Banner training. 

Web Pages

ITS assists faculty and staff with the design and publishing of University-supported web pages. University web pages are available for departments, programs, student groups, and faculty/staff personal pages. Limited assistance is available free of charge (fees may be imposed for extensive web design assistance).

Faculty and staff interested in creating their own webpage may use the Homepage folder located in their Home (H:) Drive
Web page guidelines can be viewed at  
Faculty and staff also have the ability to create a blog by logging in to

Policies & Guidelines

Users of UM computing resources are subject to a number of policies and guidelines. A complete listing and full text of U-M policies on information technology is available at

In addition to these general university policies, UM-Flint users are subject to the policies and guidelines established by the Flint campus. These local policies are available at

The UM-Flint User Advocate Committee is an ad-hoc committee charged with reviewing alleged violations of university policies concerning information technology and determining appropriate penalties. To report suspected violations of University information technology policies, please use the User Advocate contact form, located at

Proper Use Computing Policy

It is the policy of the university (1) to attempt to provide appropriate access to local, national, and international sources of information and (2) that information resources will be used by members of its community with respect for privacy and the public trust.  

In accordance with the policies above, the university works to ensure that intellectual property and university records are protected from unauthorized use or distribution.

Authorized Use
As conditions of use for Information Technology Services (ITS) facilities and communication systems, all users agree to respect (1) the privacy of university records, (2) the legal protection provided by copyrighted and license agreements for programs and data, (3) the intended use for which access to the resources was granted, and (4) the integrity of the computing systems.

Responsible Use
Users of ITS resources are expected to use those resources in a responsible and efficient manner. Users are expected to refrain from engaging in illegal, unauthorized, inappropriate, for-profit, or deliberately wasteful practices as outlined in the Standard Practice Guide.

Appropriate Use
All users of computing resources should be mindful of the impact of their participation on the campus community, and should engage in only authorized use. Users should also abide by standards of good citizenship in general.

Safe Computing

ITS is a member of the university-wide Information Technology Security Council (ITSC), and provides a support center with information about computer security topics such as spam, spyware, and virus alerts.  ITS also supplies students with personal security information such as copyright and legal downloading, identity theft, and safe ways to use peer-to-peer file sharing.  ITS provides access to the U-M Virus Busters site where faculty and staff can download Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows) or Sophos (Macintosh) for virus prevention.

Safe Computing at UM-Flint

University of Michigan-Flint is committed to protecting your personal information. As an institution, we are especially careful to follow existing policies with regard to the collection, maintenance, release, and use of data, which are in place to protect everyone’s privacy.

Of growing concern to the university community are identity theft, phishing scams, spyware, and adware. These problems threaten our community by exposing you to invasive tactics. Additionally, while social networks can be both helpful and entertaining, certain sites can be viewed by anyone. From a personal safety standpoint, predators accessing your information may not have your best interests in mind. From a totally different perspective, hiring managers have been known to peruse the online profiles of potential employees. You may wish to consider these perspectives when deciding what to post online.

For further information please see:

The User Advocate manages responses to inquiries or concerns about the inappropriate use of technology, such as improper or intimidating messages sent to individual users or user groups. ITS wants your connections with information technology to be positive. We do what we do so that each of us can have a safe computing experience.

Email Lists

ITS maintains a number of public email lists, also called list serves, for faculty and staff use. Usage guidelines and instructions for subscribing/unsubscribing to each list are online HERE .

In addition to public email lists, members of the university may create their own private use outlook groups. These groups may be used to quickly communicate with students or other members of the university by only needing one item in the address bar. The outlook group will only show up on your contact list, it will not show up for other individuals unless you share it with them. For information about outlook groups please see the Microsoft article located HERE.

Statements of Compliance

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of Michigan is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Senior Director for Institutional Equity, and Title IX/Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, 2072 Administrative Services Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1432, 734-763-0235, TTY 734-647-1388. For other University of Michigan information call 734-764-1817.

Accessibility Statement

This publication, as well as any other document produced by the University of Michigan-Flint, can be made available in alternative formats.  To request a copy of this publication in enlarged print or Braille, or on cassette tape or computer disk, contact the Accessibility Services Office at (810) 762-3456.