Blueprints Leadership Conference (BLC)

Twice per year, SIL hosts the Blueprints Leadership Conference.  Blueprints feature dynamic speakers and activities that encourage students to learn more about themselves and grow in their abilities as leaders.

The first BLC for this academic year will be held on September 14th, 9am - 5pm.


The Blueprints Leadership Conference kicks off the year for leadership development at UM-Flint. Through Blueprints, students will be able to learn and develop fundamental leadership skills such as team-building, time management, finding funding, and general personal development. The Blueprints leadership conference also gives student leaders a chance to connect and plan for the upcoming year.

Every year the Blueprints Leadership Conference is fortunate enough to have a keynote speaker to inspire and energize student leaders.


Past Keynote speaker:

Eric Thomas (The Secret to Success) Click the images below to see his motivational speeches


TJ Sullivan (Motivating in the Middle) Click the images below to see his motivational speeches



Dr. Judi Brown Clarke (Helping With Life's Hurdles) Click the images below to see her motivational speeches

For more information, please contact us in the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership located in 361 UCEN. (810)762-3431.