Study Rooms

The group study rooms in the Thompson Library are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals are welcome to use the group study rooms alone, but they are expected to yield them to groups on request either of group members or of library staff acting in the group’s behalf. (A “group” is two or more people working together on a common project.)

The Research Instruction Room may be reserved by UM-Flint faculty members for meetings with their classes, provided that the meetings entail library instruction or assignments, and do not conflict with previously scheduled use of the room by library staff. Faculty interested in reserving the Research Instruction Room should contact Research Instruction librarian (Laura Friesen, at 810.766.6781).

Rationale: A first-come, first-served, non-reserved approach to the group rooms will help assure equitable opportunity for all students to use these rooms. It will:

  • Free a short-handed library staff from time-consuming booking operations
  • Eliminate the question of charging for reserving rooms
  • Render unnecessary staff obligations to clear reserved rooms at appointed times (a process bound to incur resentment among those “cleared”)
  • Make it unnecessary to "open" a reserved room for general use when those who have reserved it fail to appear.

The Research Instruction Room, on the other hand, is specifically designed for use by classes engaged in library orientation and instruction. It is an appropriate setting for faculty members to meet with their classes when working on those activities.

The primary intention of this room has always been to provide a place where librarians can provide research and media instruction to UM-Flint classes. Such meetings should ordinarily receive precedence over meetings not involving a librarian should there be a schedule conflict, since this is the only large instructional space available to the librarians. Departmental faculty, in contrast, always have a classroom available for their regularly scheduled class meetings, even if they are unable to obtain the Research Instruction Room.

Revised 4/2001 
Revised 9/2006


JUNE 30, 2014

Displays and Exhibits

From time to time library faculty and staff prepare and arrange displays or exhibits in the library in the display cases. When the library initiates a display, it provides and prepares the materials.

The Thompson Library permits UM-Flint campus departments and organizations to plan exhibits for display in the library so long as the material is deemed appropriate by the public services department and the director of the library. It is up to such groups to supply all materials for a display, including signs, labels, etc. In addition, the library reserves the right to determine a time limit for any display that has been accepted.

Such displays must be academically oriented, must concern an issue of academic or intellectual substance, and should lead students into the resources of Thompson Library or other sources of research. Displays that are merely promotional in nature or that do not meet the other criteria listed above will not be permitted.

Revised 4/2001

The Henry H. Crapo Room

It is the express wish of the donor that the Victorian pieces from various Crapo family homes in the Flint area will create a museum atmosphere. The room was designed and will be maintained as a museum to comply with the donor’s request.

Security of the items and maintenance of the physical systems installed in the room are the responsibility of the Thompson Library Director and the University Archivist.

Any individual who wishes to see the room in more detail may make an appointment at a convenient time with the archivist or a member of the library’s reference staff.

Revised 7/1985 
Revised 4/2001