Mathematics Department

The UM-Flint Mathematics Department strives to share its knowledge and appreciation of mathematics within and outside the University.  Serving students concentrating in mathematics and those of other departments, we strive to continuously improve our teaching.  We also work to further mathematics in the UM-Flint service region, and are active members in the UM-Flint community.

A degree in mathematics prepares students for a lifetime of occupational success by applying their deep reasoning skill, quantitative literacy, and scientific fluency in any of a vast slew of careers.  We note in particular two extraordinarily beneficial aspects to pursuing a degree in mathematics:

  • Math majors have career options...:   Professional mathematicians go by many job titles, most of which don't have "mathematician" in the title -- analysts, consultants, statisticians, researchers, industrial scientists, etc.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics documents the bright future for mathematics as a profession over the upcoming decade: 

    For more information about the careers available for mathematics major, see this compiilation from the American Mathematical Society.

  • ..and they aren't all directly mathematical!:  A mathematics major involves the mastery of critical thinking and reasoning that is useful in almost any job setting.  For example, math majors are among the top scorers on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), vastly better than pre-law students, and law schools know it!  Some data from the LSAT blog:

    The full range of career options are too lengthy to fit here, but we mention in particular careers in the actuarial sciences, biomathematics, cryptography, data mining, finance, industrial sciences, modeling, operations research, and teaching.  See or the Mathematical Association of America's careers page for much more information and examples.


  • Math majors are happy!  A ranking of overall job satisfaction of several hundred different careers revealed a clear trend.  The ranking, based on environment, income, outlook, and stress, was heavily dominated by mathematics and mathematics-related fields.

Also, check out the Career Connections page, a great resource for students trying to make connections with employers, some of whom are specifically looking for our graduates.