Family Math at the Market

The University of Michigan - Flint Mathematics Department holds a Family Math Night twice each year, with the goal of spreading enjoyment in mathematics to the next generation. To this end, we invite all elementary students to join the fun. We have a collection of hundreds of math related games the youth are sure to enjoy. 

This year the University is partnering with the Flint Farmer's Market to bring Family Math to the Market! 

Family Math at the Market is an opportunity for children and parents to have fun together with math. Elementary students and their families will have the opportunity to explore a variety of math-related activities, including puzzles and games. These activities will focus on concepts such as estimation, patterns, and spatial perception. A sampling of previous activities can be found here.  

The Winter 2020 event will be held on Saturday, February 15, from 10AM to 12PMFree and open to the public, no special knowledge or previous experience is necessary! Free parking will be made available in Lot T and the Harrison Structure (campus map here). 

For any additional information please email Cydnee Weirauch at or call the Math Department line at (810) 762-3244. 

For weather related updates or event cancellation due to inclement weather, please refer to the UM-Flint Math Department Facebook page for the event details, listed here.