Mathematics for Social Interaction


Math is everywhere — not just on blackboards, whiteboards, and motherboards. Graduates of UM-Flint’s Mathematics for Social Interaction concentration — the only program of its kind in Michigan — apply math knowledge, skill, and technique to understand and improve the world around them. For example, students might explore how algorithms can prevent the misuse of social networks or how cryptology can safeguard voting systems.


UM-Flint math faculty are committed to creating a culture and curriculum that allows students to combine their passion for mathematics with the desire to make the world a better place. Many of the issues we face today deal with how modern society communicates, competes, cooperates, and makes choices. Graduates will be able to bring their mathematical training to bear on these and other pressing matters.


Technological innovation increases the demand for math and data science occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, statisticians, mathematicians, actuaries, and operations research analysts will be among the thirty fastest-growing occupations through 2028 (and among the best paid). UM-Flint’s faculty experts are eager to help students position themselves to take advantage of these opportunities.