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With courses in mathematics, actuarial mathematics, math education, math in data science, and math for social interactions, we are ready to provide you with a rigorous degree while providing you with the support you need to succeed. Serving students concentrating in mathematics and those of other departments, we strive to continuously improve our teaching.  We also work to further mathematics in the UM-Flint service region and are active members in the UM-Flint community.

A degree in mathematics prepares students for a lifetime of occupational success by applying their deep reasoning skills, quantitative literacy, and scientific fluency in any of a vast slew of careers. The BA and BS in Mathematics have slightly different requirements, which you can explore further by clicking the links below. To complete the Honors Mathematics program, you must first be accepted to the Honors Program. Honors students undertake an additional off-campus research experience and complete an undergraduate thesis. 

Degree Programs

Actuarial Mathematics Program (BS)

Mathematics for Data Science Minor 

Mathematics General Program (BA)

Mathematics General Program (BS)

Mathematics Honors Program (BA or BS)

Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Teaching Certificate Program (BA or BS)

Mathematics Teaching Certificate Program Minor 

Mathematics Teacher's Certificate Program

Mathematics teaching is a demanding, yet immensely exciting and rewarding profession. Working with young adults, mathematics teachers have the privilege to help shape the mathematical literacy of future architects, doctors, politicians, engineers, and many others. Unfortunately, there is currently a shortage of highly qualified secondary school mathematics teachers across the nation. The Secondary Mathematics Teacher ' s Certificate Program at the University of Michigan-Flint is a nationally recognized program designed to prepare individuals who wish to teach middle and secondary school mathematics.  

In the program, which can lead to either a B.A. or B.S. in mathematics, candidates take a sequence of mathematics courses designed to strengthen and deepen their knowledge of mathematics.  In addition, candidates complete pedagogy-based coursework and field experiences that help them develop the fundamental qualities of a caring disposition, social responsibility, student-centeredness, and reflective practice. For more information on the UM-Flint Math TCP program, contact either of the advisors, Dr. Laura McLeman or Dr. Krista Hansen, or click below for a list of all of the program's requirements.

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If you're not sure what the best program is for you, we are here to help! Contact Academic Advisor Aaron Bagwell ( to talk through your goals and how you can best achieve them with a Mathematics or Math TCP degree from UM-Flint. 

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