Photo of a vocal music student       Audition Procedure and Requirements


The Department of Music is accepting auditions through December 9 at 11:59 pm. 

Please contact: or Dr. Alexander at for more information and procedures.



Instruments include flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, piano, guitar, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, double bass, organ, and harp.

a. Prepare and perform a solo on the major instrument (for example a movement from a concerto, sonata, or a Solo and Ensemble Festival solo). An accompanist is preferred and can be provided by the department, but is not required. It is recommended that the selection include contrasting musical material.

b. Prepare all major scales from memory. The audition committee will select the scales to be heard at the time of the audition.

c. Read music on sight demonstrating the ability to perform, with proficiency, music previously not seen.



a.  Prepare and perform a solo, study or etude on snare, one keyboard instrument, or timpani (for example a movement from a concerto, sonata, or a Solo and Ensemble Festival solo).  

b. Prepare all major scales from memory on a keyboard instrument such as xylophone, marimba or vibes. The audition committee will select the scales to be heard at the time of the audition.

c. Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform basic rudimental figures on snare drum.

d. Read music on sight demonstrating the ability to perform on a keyboard instrument and/or snare drum, with proficiency, music previously not seen.

e. Percussionists may consider an additional performance on another percussion instrument, demonstrating additional proficiency.


a. Prepare and perform two songs from standard art song literature. An aria may be one of the choices. An accompanist will be provided for each vocal audition and must be arranged in advance by calling (810) 762-3377 to arrange a rehearsal time on the day of the audition. Auditionees may provide their own accompanist at their own expense. Recorded or other digital accompaniments are not acceptable.

b. Sing on sight several short excerpts demonstrating the ability to perform, with proficiency, music previously not seen.

All Auditionees

• All auditionees will be automatically considered for a Music Scholarship at audition.

• For admission and scholarship consideration, all auditionees will be required to take a music theory placement test on the day of audition.  Students transferring from another music degree program will be required to take a music history placement test in addition to all other requirements.

• Please feel free to contact the music office to speak with a faculty member if you have questions about selecting an appropriate solo piece (for requirement "a.").

• Please call or visit the Department of Music at (810) 762-3377, French Hall Room 220, to reserve a time for your audition, or to make special arrangements. If you must cancel a scheduled audition, please notify the department as soon as possible.


Long Distance Auditions

Any auditionee living outside of 200 miles from campus who would like to be considered for acceptance to the Department of Music and for a department scholarship may submit a video application. This video file should be uploaded to YouTube as an “unlisted” video (visit YouTube for more information on the type of files and size that can be accepted). Please create the highest quality audio ambience with the video file so that the faculty has a true indication of the musicianship demonstrated by the applicant. The video should contain the same requirements listed above for an in-person audition and should be a non-edited, one camera, single-take continuous performance. In addition, placement in the appropriate applied level is dependent upon the music theory placement test and sight reading ability test administered during the student’s Orientation Session.

Applicants should visit the “Prospective Students” page on the department website ( Locate the link for “Long Distance Audition Form” and provide the information requested along with a current email address. Applicants will be asked to provide the URL for the YouTube video at the time of submission.

All video applications are requested to be uploaded two weeks prior to the audition dates below. Please notify the department directly when your materials are uploaded at It is the applicant’s responsibility to remove the video file after it has been viewed by the faculty (approximately one month after the audition date).