This page contains a series of pre-recorded webinars held by the Innovation Incubator to provide business owners and community members with relevant information from subject matter experts.


Building Blocks For Local Food Entrepreneurs- Session 1: Business Setup from the Ground Up

University of Michigan-Flint Office of Economic Development's Innovation Incubator workshop for new food entrepreneurs featuring Sean Gartland, culinary director of Flint Food Works. 10/7/20


Trends Affecting Small Business in a COVID World

University of Michigan- Flint's Office of Economic Development Innovation Incubator workshop featuring Joe Borgstrom, Principal of Place + Main Advisors. 8/19/2020.


"Opportunities in International Business"

UM-Flint Innovation Incubator presents Dr. Yener Kandogan's lecture about how to research and take advantage of opportunities in international business. 5/14/20

"Improving Our World Through Wise Material Use"

UM-Flint Innovation Incubator presents John Bradburn's lecture about intersections of sustainability and business. 4/29/20


Wayne State University Law School Business and Community Law Clinic presents "Returning Citizens and Entrepreneurship" April 3, 2020.

A session focused on legal issues for formerly incarcerated individuals who are seeking to start a business and for business owners looking to hire formerly incarcerated individuals.