At the University of Michigan - Flint, we believe the right partnerships fuel economic growth and innovation. The new Business Engagement team is here to serve as your link to these partnerships. By collaborating with us, faculty have access to: 
  • RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES: Our strong connections and deep relationships with industry allow faculty to meet with business partners to explore and create innovative and cutting-edge research projects. Through expanded research opportunities, faculty can share their expertise with industry professionals while solving real-world problems for our business partners.
  • FUNDING: Attracting and securing corporate funding can be a complex process that varies greatly depending on the project, type of research, industry, and the faculty's relationship with industry. Our team can help you navigate this process and assist you in finding funding partners that create mutually beneficial relationships. 
  • PROFESSIONAL NETWORK: We work with businesses from all sectors that are eager to speak with UM-Flint faculty. Having a large and divese network of professionals allows faculty to share ideas, test theories, and connect with other professionals in their field of expertise. 
  • STUDENT SUCCESS EXPERIENCES: Connecting students with innovative, real-world, hands-on projects through research, internships, classroom projects, etc. expands students minds and provides them with necessary skills to be successful in their future careers. By encouraging your students to participate in Career Fairs, industry events, internships, research, etc., transfers classroom learning into practical hands-on experiences. 
  • TRAINING/DEVELOPMENT FACILITATORS: Industry is ever changing and the need for new, innovative courses that teach the latest technology and skills for their field is a necessity. As faculty, you are the experts in your field and the best individuals to teach training courses for our industry partners. 

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