GSRA Appointments and Responsibilities

GSRA appointments will typically be made for periods coinciding with academic terms. Appointments may be structured to begin or end during the course of a term, as the result of unanticipated needs or variations in external grant or contract support. It should be noted, though, that appointments of less than a full term are not accompanied by some of the benefits described in this document. In all cases, the appointment period should closely coincide with the period of personal research or services rendered.

Once a commitment has been made to provide a given level of funding for a specific period to a student, this support would not normally be reduced during a period of appointment nor would an appointment normally be terminated prior to the originally processed end date unless the appointee fails to meet the stated program enrollment requirements at the University of Michigan-Flint.

If it is determined that the appointee is not making satisfactory progress towards a degree, or when appointment performance is unsatisfactory (including cases involving misconduct) the appointment duties may be reduced and the appointment fraction and stipend may be reduced correspondingly, or the appointment may be terminated. Prior to initiating a termination, the matter should be discussed with the GSRA in an effort to correct the problem. Where efforts at correction are inappropriate or prove to be unproductive, the proposed termination of appointment and support should be reviewed and approved in advance by the department chairperson or an equivalent level of authority (in an Institute or Center) prior to proceeding. In addition, the Employee Relations and Compensation Office should be made aware of the pending action.

It is the responsibility of the GSRA to understand weekly workload expectations during the entire period of their appointments; including work assigned and the time frame within which the work must be completed, essential duties and responsibilities, and work conditions.