Flint Health & Wellbeing Alliance

Who We Are

The goals of “Flint Health and Wellbeing Alliance” at the School of Health Professions & Studies in the University of Michigan-Flint are to conduct research on disability and access to care, fall prevention, quality of life, and cognitive functioning for adults and older adults, and develop effective prevention and/or clinical programs that are easily accessible for residents in Flint, MI.  

By using a Socio-Ecological Model: A Framework for Prevention, our team is involved in two broad categories on Health and Wellbeing: Research and Community Engagements.

Figure1: Socio Ecological Model: A Framework for Prevention (CDC).

Our Approach to Health & Wellbeing

Step 1. Define and Monitor the Problem

We analyze electrical medical records at a local outpatient clinic and nationally representative data (i.e., BRFSS, NHIS, NHANES, MEPS) to identify who and what associated with the problems, and also to identify when, where, and how they were associated.

Step 2: Identify Risk and Protective Factors

We collect and analyze clinical data as well as psycho-social-environmental information to identify what factors protect people or put them at risk for experiencing the problems.

Step 3: Develop and Test Intervention Strategies

We plan to develop intervention strategies by using needs assessment (Step 1 and Step 2) and the community-based participatory research (CBPR). 




                          Rie Suzuki, Ph.D.                             Jennifer Blackwood, PT, Ph.D., GCS, CEEAA                      Min Hui Huang, PT, Ph.D., NCS
                        Associate Professor                                                 Assistant Professor                                                 Associate Professor
          Public Health and Health Sciences                                          Physical Therapy                                                      Physical Therapy

                       rsuzuki@umflint.edu                                         jblackwo@umflint.edu                                               mhhuang@umflint.edu


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