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Denise Cooper, DNP, RN, ANP-BC

Assistant Professor

Dr. Cooper first came to U of M-Flint as a BSN student over 20 years ago. One year after receiving her BSN, working in CCU, getting married, and starting a family, she began the MS program at U of M in Ann Arbor to become a Nurse Practitioner.  Upon completion of the program, Dr. Cooper sat for the ANCC national board certification exam and became a certified Adult Nurse Practitioner. She has and continues to practice in a variety of clinical practices including family practice, GYN, wellness, long-term and rehab care. In 2008, she began teaching in an adjunct role at U of M-Flint and completed the online teaching program. She developed and co-taught our first online graduate course. Dr. Cooper returned to U of M in Ann Arbor to begin the MS-DNP program. In 2013, Dr. Cooper completed the DNP program, and returned to U of M-Flint as a tenure-track faculty member.  She is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau, MNRS, AANP, AACN, and MiCNP. She is involved with mentoring nursing and NP students. 



Dr. Cooper has taught in the pre-nursing, BSN, accelerated BSN, MSN, and DNP programs at U of M-Flint. Her primary courses have been Intro to Professional Nursing, Health Assessment, Physical Diagnosis Theory and Practicum, and Primary Care I and II Theory and Practicum. 



Dr. Cooper's primary research interests are in appropriate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of UTI in Long-term care (LTC) residents, as well as reducing inappropriate antibiotic treatments. As a doctoral student, she conducted an implementation project at a LTC facility where she created a multifaceted program including an evidence based algorithm to be used by nurses and providers to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use for suspected UTI. A pre-post analysis was used. The research was presented at a live webinar for Nutricia International in March 2017. In 2018 she created a train the trainer presentation that is currently being presented around the country to improve accurate assessment and diagnosis of UTI in LTC residents. Her UTI work has been published in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality (PAP), 2018, Annals of Long-Term Care, 2017, and Western Journal of Nursing Research, 2014. The widespread interest in her research and program lead to the creation of the Cooper UTI program in 2017 for use in LTC programs in and around the US. She continues to do research at LTC facilities to improve accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment of UTIs. A manuscript comparing McGeers criteria and the Cooper program, and a study comparing cognition and UTI assessment are pending publication. She was awarded the Evidence-based practice award by MiCNP, and the DNP best poster award at MNRS for this research. In addition to UTI research, Dr. Cooper is interested in graduate student learning and success. She is involved with research on inter-professional communication using simulation with DNP and Doctor of Physical Therapy students. She has also presented several posters around the country as part of the HRSA ANE and ANEW grants to improve preceptorships for graduate NP students in underserved populations. A publication is in press in Nursing Education Perspectives and under review at the Journal of Physical Therapy Education. In addition, she was involved in a retrospective study on predicting graduate student success using admission factors. This manuscript was published in the Journal of Nursing Education.  Dr. Cooper recently completed the Faculty Success Program through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.



Within the School of Nursing (SON), Dr. Cooper chairs the Nominating Committee and the Graduate Student Academic Affairs Committee. She is a member of the Graduate Faculty Committee, the SON Governing Faculty Committee, and Graduate Awards and Scholarship Committee. She is also a SON representative on the University Curriculum Coordination Committee. She has been committed to speaking to and mentoring local high school students to discover careers in nursing, and speaks to prospective graduate students at the U of M-Flint Graduate Programs open house.  Dr. Cooper chairs and co-chairs a variety of DNP research and implementation science student projects, and well as mentors MSN students. She is also involved in a variety of community engagement events in and around Genesee County.