Margaret Murray-Wright, MSN, RN

Clinical Assistant Professor

Education: MSN University of Illinois, BSN University of Pittsburgh, Diploma Presbyterian University Hospital

I have served patients in a variety of roles: staff nurse, Nurse Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Administrator, and VP for Patient Care Services. My career has spanned three states-Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania and I have had the privilege of mentoring students at the University of Michigan-Flint since 2005.  My work at the University of Pittsburgh, Hurley Medical Center, and Memorial Healthcare was challenging and rewarding. I am particularly proud of my work in improving organ donation to reduce the number of lives that are lost each year while awaiting transplantation. I have also had the opportunity to serve our international community with service learning in Cambodia and Bolivia. I have been able to touch many lives. 
 I am proud of my family of four children, six grandchildren and my hunting husband, Tom.


Both undergraduate/graduate pathophysiology courses provide me with a rich opportunity to engage students in the practical applications of this course along the age continuum.  The undergraduate medical surgical courses serve as a key foundation for the remainder of the nursing students’ career.  I value the opportunity to challenge them with comprehensive material that will be a catalyst to their clinical reasoning and critical thinking.


My research interests include end of life care, chronic disease management as well as complementary and integrative healthcare.


Commitment and volunteerism serve as the cornerstone of our lives. Volunteering is the way we give back to our community and country. It is clearly what you give in this world that is important, not what you “get."  During my professional career I have given my time as a Cub Scout leader, CPR instructor, camp nurse, injury prevention educator and board member for cancer survivors.  Currently I serve as a board member for a community hospital and collaborate with Hurley to offer Teen Health Checks to reduce mortality from cardiac disease.