About the Residency

The UM-Flint School of Nursing has been awarded a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residency program grant through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This is a 1 year paid position with full University of Michigan benefits. Residents will be provided with the opportunity to practice in many different types of psychiatric settings including specially rotations and become certified in additional therapies. Training in Telehealth and advanced case management will be included. After gaining a year of varied and mentored clinical experiences, residents will be well positioned in the job market with a clarified view of their career objectives and increased confidence as a PMHNP.

Our program priorities are behavioral/mental health care and telehealth. Among the project objectives is the improvement of physical and mental health for underserved communities in Michigan. This program’s overall goal is to support new Psychiatric NPs in the transition to practice.


The residency has five key components:

Precepted clinical experiences and specialty rotations with clinical partners

Certification in additional therapies

Didactic education sessions

Telehealth training

Quality improvement and interprofessional team training


Please contact us if you:

•Have graduated within the last 18 months from an accredited Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program.

•Will be certified and licensed by July 1, 2021.

•If you are interested in advancing your current skills through additional certifications, behavioral therapies, telehealth training, interprofessional practice, and diverse psychiatric clinical experiences.


Mission Statement: 

The Psychiatric Mental Health Residency Program is dedicated to providing quality education/training in pursuit of excellence in nursing practice, leadership, and research. Through a variety of diverse clinical experiences, coaching and advising we will support novice PMHNPs in transition to practice improving physical and mental health care within families in underserved populations.


Four residency slots available. The residency program begins July 1, 2021 and goes through June 30, 2022.