Course Evaluations

Why course evaluations?

Student participation in end-of-semester course evaluations is vital to improving the quality of education at UM-Flint.

  • Academic departments use the evaluation results in making decisions about staffing, in performance review and for tenure decisions.

  • Individual faculty members use student input to improve course material and delivery.

  • Faculty response to evaluation results improves the calibre and reputation of UM-Flint education.

What is CoursEval?

CoursEval is a Web-based program that enables surveys to be conducted in a completely anonymous, secure online environment.  It is password-protected and role-based, so students, faculty, staff and administrators have a pre-assigned role; what each person sees is specific to his/her role.

Login to CoursEval

How do faculty and students learn about evaluations?

Faculty and students are notified by e-mail when evaluations are available, with instructions on how to login to the CoursEval system.  Several reminders are sent to students during the open period, as well, to encourage the fullest participation possible.

How long are surveys open?

Surveys are available for a two-week period ending on the last day of class before the study day begins.  You may also view exact dates for upcoming are available on the Course Evaluation Schedule page.

Are course evaluation results anonymous?

Absolutely! Students login to CoursEval using their uniqname and LAN password; even though they login, the survey data are saved anonymously.  Student responses are not associated with any data the student submits, and all information sources are disconnected from the evaluation results except for the actual survey input.

When can a faculty member see the student results?

No survey data are made available to faculty until two weeks after the registrar's grades submission deadline.  Survey reports show an aggregate of the responses and the student comments exactly as written.