The discussion board facilitates asynchronous dialog among you, your instructor, and your classmates. The most common form of interaction in an online course is through discussions started by your instructor. Discussions are a good way to think critically about the coursework and interact with each other's ideas. Discussions will usually revolve around individual course lessons or for your course in general. 

It’s important to define terms related to online discussions in Blackboard.

Discussion Board: The general area in your course where asynchronous conversations happen.  These conversations happen within individual Forums.

Forum: Where students discuss a topic or a group of related topics. This would typically be the initial post created by the instructor.

Thread: Includes the initial post in a forum and all replies to it. Forums and threads organize discussions into units or topics relevant to your course.

Reply: Threads grow as users respond to the initial and subsequent posts. Replies build on one another to construct a conversation.

Guide: Create a Thread
Guide: Writing a Post
Guide: Post a Video Discussion


Discussion Participation

Writing a starting discussion thread, or replying to a classmate can sometimes be a challenge.  How do you show support for another user's argument beyond typing "I agree," especially when they have already thoroughly articulated a point?  How do we disagree with each other while being respectful?  Read the guide below to learn strategies that can help you formulate discussion posts.

Guide: Discussion Board Strategies for Students

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