Proctoring Request

For UM-Flint students

It is rare that an online course will require a student to sit for a proctored exam at a neutral third-party location.  However, students enrolled in fully online courses that are required to obtain proctoring in their local area may reach out to the Office of Extended Learning for assistance in securing a location.  It should be noted the Office of Extended Learning does not have any existing inter-institutional agreements in place and, as such, will not have any direct knowledge of pricing or availability. Students will be responsible for scheduling their exam and for any fees associated with the proctoring service.

Classroom-based Students
Due to limited resources, the Office of Extended Learning will not be able to accommodate requests pertaining to students enrolled in face-to-face synchronous classes on the Flint or satellite campuses. If a student fails to make a scheduled exam date, individual arrangements should be made with the faculty member or program administrators.  
Guest Students
For UM-Flint students enrolled as a guest student at another academic institution, the Office of Extended Learning is able to provide limited accommodations.

Corporate or Outside Academic Institutions

Due to limited resources, the Office of Extended Learning is unable to accommodate any outside proctoring requests at this time.

Need assistance?

If you have any questions regarding the Office of Extended Learning’s current proctoring policy, please contact Krista Heiser at (810) 762-3201 or via email at