Proctoring Request

The Office of Extended Learning (OEL) provides exam proctoring services for UM-Flint students who are taking online or mixed-mode courses.


Student Proctoring Request

Faculty Proctoring Request

For UM-Flint students
  1. OEL will proctor exams, at no charge, on the UM-Flint campus for UM-Flint Students who reside within 50 miles and whose instructor resides 50 miles or more from campus and does not visit campus for other face-to-face courses.

    NOTE:  Regardless of distance from the university, faculty must proctor their own classroom-based, synchronous tests.

  2. For students outside the 50 mile boundary, OEL will engage in inter-institutional agreements to provide proctoring services.  Many academic institutions provide these services free or at a low cost, for which students will be responsible 

For non-UM-Flint academic students
  1. OEL will proctor exams on the UM-Flint campus for non-UM-Flint academic students for $15 per exam.
  2. OEL will proctor commercial exams for $35 per hour of allowed time.  

How to request proctoring for an exam

Faculty are encouraged to contact the Office of Extended Learning, (810) 762-3201, at the beginning of each semester to inform OEL of exams that will need to be proctored that semester. Typically, faculty will request proctoring only for the more important assessments, such as the mid-term and final exams. For broader requests, faculty should provide as much lead time as possible —a minimum of 10 days.

Faculty are responsible for:
  1. Providing exams, either Web-based or paper-based, with details on how the exam should be administered, date, length of time allowed, and any special instructions.

    • May the student use the Internet during the test?
    • If the exam is administered on Blackboard, does the proctor have permission to reset the exam in the event of technical difficulties?
    • Is the test open-book? Can any reference material be used?
  2. Informing students of the need and process to arrange a proctored exam.
  3. Sending reminders or conducting follow-up activities. 

Students are responsible for:
  1. Acknowledging or confirming scheduled exam dates.
  2. Arriving on time at the testing location with appropriate picture ID. The student’s ID must contain both name and photo. 

OEL is responsible for:
  1. Making an initial contact with the student to arrange for the testing.
  2. Providing a computer, if required, and a quiet, pleasant environment conducive to test-taking.
  3. Maintaining a presence in the exam room at all times.
  4. Notifying a student if OEL is unable to approve or provide a proctoring request.
  5. Providing results and feedback, as appropriate, to the faculty member within two weekdays following completion of the exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the initial contact, OEL will not send reminders or follow-up calls to students.

When proctoring is available
  • Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • NOTE: Allowed time for tests must enable student to complete the exam by the posted closing time. Additionally, proctoring is subject to testing room availability; please contact OEL to confirm our proctoring suite is available for the time and date you want.