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Blackboard Student Orientation

One of the earliest challenges you may experience in a web-based course is getting comfortable with the Blackboard interface you will use to participate in discussions, turn in assignments and complete quizzes online.  We have designed an online orientation course that will help you gain experience with the core functions of Blackboard before you begin your academic coursework.  After completing the orientation you will be able to focus on your coursework, rather than learning a new technology. 

To access the Blackboard Orientation for Online Students course shell

1.  Go to the Blackboard Login page.
2.  Login with your uniqname and LAN password.  These are the same credentials you use to login to your UM-Flint email address and Student Information System (SIS).
3.  A list of the courses in which you are enrolled is displayed.  Only courses that are currently open will be listed.  If you are registered for a course in a future semester, the course will not be available in Blackboard until the first day of classes.
4.  Click the link to the Blackboard Orientation for Online Students course shell.
5.  A welcome announcement for the orientation will be displayed, along with basic introductory information to help get you started.
6.  Click the Course Content button to access orientation materials and complete the included activities.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the content and activities within the orientation course, or if you feel that you would benefit from a one-on-one orientation session, please feel free to contact the  Helpdesk at the Office of Extended Learning at any time.

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Guest Student Application

If you are enrolled at another accredited college or university, you may attend the University of Michigan - Flint as a guest student by obtaining permission from both the Office of Admissions and your home school. A Guest Student Application must be submitted from your home school.

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Disenrollment Form

If you wish to leave the university you may fill out the disenrollement form and return it to the registrars office. Do not fill out this form if you only want to drop a course, this form will terminate your student status at the Univeristy of Michigan - Flint.

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Scholarship Application

If you are applying for the Satelitte scholarships, use the form below.

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State Authorization

Universities are required to comply with the distance education laws of each individual state. If you are an out-of-state student seeking to enroll in an online program, verify the university status with your state here.       

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