Kaltura is a video recording and streaming system that all faculty, staff, and students have access to. Use this if you would like to record yourself from a computer or mobile device and share the video in your course. Students can use Kaltura to create videos, and then include them in discussion board posts or in assignment submissions.

Kaltura and My Media

Let's get started with a quick introduction to the variety of Kaltura tools available, which you can access by clicking the My Media tab at the top of the Blackboard page. The My Media tab contains a suite of tools for recording, storing, and sharing audio/video content in Blackboard. Included is Kaltura Capture, a free screencasting tool you can use to record lectures, demonstrations, podcasts, and more.

This video offers a brief overview of Kaltura and its home in Blackboard, the My Media tab.  We'll spend a few minutes describing the variety of tools available within to create and share multimedia content, with a particular focus on installing the free desktop recorder, Kaltura Capture.
Watch(5min): My Media and Installing Kaltura Capture

Recording and Uploading Video

With the Kaltura Capture software installed, it's time to start recording.  This demonstration walks through the process of capturing your voice and screen to create an instructional video, as well as uploading your new video to the My Media tab in Blackboard.
Watch(9min): Recording with Kaltura Capture

Many smartphones and tablets have exceptionally high-quality cameras, and when paired with a stylus can make for great digital whiteboards, so they can be great tools for creating video content.  If you prefer to create videos and screen recordings on a mobile device, use the video below to review the process of uploading from your phone or tablet to the My Media tab in Blackboard.
Watch(2min): Mobile Device Video to Kaltura

Mentioned previously, you may find the need to develop a video for your course as an assignment. The resources below will guide you through that process.
Watch(4min): Uploading a Video Assignment

Any video that you have uploaded to your Kaltura media library may also be submitted in a Discussion Board post.
Guide: Post a Video Discussion

Request Captions

This video walks you through the steps involved in requesting captions for your video.  The process is simple and surprisingly fast, with captions often returned in as quickly as 20 minutes.
Watch(2min): Requesting Captions in Kaltura

Edit Captions

Computer-generated captions are much more accurate than they were just a few years ago, but you're still likely to find some errors in your captions.  What kind of errors are you most likely to encounter?  It's not uncommon for names to be inaccurately interpreted, along with complex scientific words you might regularly use in a lecture on pharmacology or anatomy.  You may also find that you have to add in some punctuation, as your captions may look something like a very long run-on sentence.  Luckily, editing captions in Kaltura isn't too complicated, as we'll see in the video below.
Watch(3min): Editing Captions in Kaltura

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