Can’t find the online course you need at UM-Flint? Check out what is available through the UM-Flint/UM-Dearborn Collaboration.

A unique UM-Flint/UM-Dearborn agreement lets you supplement your course schedule from this approved list of online courses! As a guest student at UM-Dearborn and through this consortium agreement, you can include the course(s) in your financial aid formula. 

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UM-Dearborn Course

UM-Flint Transfer Equivalency

COMM 220 (3) Mass Communications

COM 241 (3) Social Science

ENG 232 (3) Intro to Literature: Fiction

ENG 1XX (3) Humanities

FILM 240 (3) Film in Society

HUM 1XX (3) Humanities

MATH 131 (3) Conceptual Math

MATH 1XX (4)

MATH 105 (4) Pre Calculus

MATH 120

POL 301 (3) Political Analysis

POL 3XX (3)

PSYC 170 (3) Intro to Psych-Natural Science

PSY 1XX (3) Natural Science

PSYC 171 (3) Intro to Psych-Social Science

PSY 1XX (3) Social Science

PSYC 455 (3) Health Psych

PSY 375 (3)