Conflict is a natural part of the world around us and we expect that from time to time community members will encounter conflict in many different ways.  The Office of the Dean of Students provides Conflict Resolution services to students in order to aid them in effective conflict resolution processes and develop students' abilities to handle conflict effectively.  These services provide students an avenue to address and resolve interpersonal conflicts which may include but is not limited to conflicts between members of a student organization, roommates, students within a class or study group, faculty/staff and students, and friends.


Services Offered

Conflict Coaching

Students seek counsel and guidance from the Conduct Officer in order to engage a conflict more effectively/independently.  The goal is to identify the resolution approach that best meets the student’s interests and needs.

Facilitated Dialogue

A constructive conversation between two or more students, guided by the Conduct Officer, to increase the potential that students will arrive at a mutually satisfying outcome.  This structured session is geared at resolving a conflict and/or constructing a go-forward or future plan for the parties involved. The parties are in control of any agreement reached or decision made, though depending on the circumstances, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution may have to give final approval and/or monitor the proposed terms of an agreement.