The arrival of COVID-19 in our community poses a grave challenge – the likes of which we have not seen since the Flint Water Crisis. The UM-Flint and the Evergreen Community Development Initiative through the University of Michigan Flint's Flint Truth and Action Partnership Project, a program coordinated through the Office of University Outreach and funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation are working together to help you and your families stay safe during this difficult time. We have prepared a series of videos on this website that will show you how to engage in the best practices to stop the spread of COVID-19. These videos are presented in an easy to follow format that doesn’t use technical jargon and are accessible to all members of the community.

Flint is a strong and resilient community.  If we all work together, we can stop COVID-19 from taking any more members of our community. We will get through this.

Keeping COVID Out of Flint Brochure

  1. COVID-19: An Ongoing Crisis
    COVID-19 is out there; impacting our community and changing our lives. Join Miguel in this video series about COVID-19’s impact. From science to practice; we break down the facts, concerns, and tips behind COVID-19.

  2. What is COVID-19: The Science Behind the Virus
    To understand COVID-19 we need to understand the science behind the virus. Join Miguel as we paint a picture on what researchers are saying about COVID-19.

  3. Staying Safe: A Practical Guide to a Healthy You
    Are you staying healthy and safe out there? Watch and see Miguel explain ways to start planning for a new routine under COVID-19.

  4. Person Protection Equipment: The Dos and Don’ts
    Gloves, and Masks, and PPE, Oh My! Tune into the conversations on the proper way to keep yourself protected from COVID-19 with PPE.

  5. Practical Sanitation: Ways to Stay Clean
    Is your house safe and clean? Tune into the conversations on ways to keep your home safe and clean from COVID-19.

  6. Final Remarks
    Thank you for taking this journey with us! COVID-19 is ongoing and to better protect ourselves we need to start a dialogue about it. We want to thank you for tuning in and as always: stay safe and stay healthy Flint.

  7. Follow Up (Two Parts)
    Sit down for a candid conversation about COVID-19. We answer some of your lingering questions in this two part video. Continue our candid conversation about COVID-19. We answer some of your lingering questions in the second part to this two part video. 


  8. Behind the Scenes 
    It's a wrap everyone! Thank you for your dedication to keeping COVID-19 out of Flint. Here is a special message from our hard workers to you! Remember to stay safe and healthy. Stay strong Flint!



Miguel Strawn, researcher in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Michigan-Flint, is working with assistant professor Dr. Besa Xhabija to bring together a series of videos to keep you informed and safe during this COVID-19 crisis. Their goal is to keep COVID-19 out of Flint through education and science.