The Peer Observation Process is a coordinated and systematic conversation about either classroom or online instruction.  Through the TCLT, the Office of Extended Learning and the Office of the Provost the UM-Flint has developed the Peer Observation program to encourage continual instructional improvement. Faculty can participate in the process in two ways.

  • First, a Course Instructor can have their courses observed by a certified Faculty Coach by requesting an observation (see the REQUEST AN OBSERVATION section below). 
  • Second, faculty can become certified as a Faculty Coach. (See the BECOME A FACULTY COACH section below.)

The process culminates in the instructor receiving a written report from their coach. The Instructor may or may not choose to show the report to anyone, or they may choose to use this for another evaluation, such as for tenure and promotion or as a portfolio document. Regardless of their choice, both participants will receive written recognition for completing the Peer Observation and Coaching Process.

Online Observations Explained This document that provides a graphic explanation of the observation.

Face-to-Face Observations Explained This document for an explanation of Face-to-Face observations.

Request an Observation

Observation Request To initiate the process, Course Instructors should click on the yellow button and complete this online form. The form gives you the option of choosing your faculty coach or having us assign one to you. Once you have your faculty coach in place, you will then complete a self-assessment activity following the instructions on one of two downloadable documents:  

ONLINE Peer Observation Report  OR  Face-to-Face Peer Observation Report

The purpose of self-assessment is to focus on your most important instructional concerns.  After sharing your focused ideas with your faculty coach, and once the observation is complete, you will continue this conversation based on what your coach observed.  During or after this meeting, your coach will provide only you with their final report.  

Instructors who participate will receive immediate, confidential and prospectively continuing feedback to improve their instruction. Working with a trained observer, the Faculty Coach, this confidential process emphasizes the sharing of ideas and experiences as opposed to evaluating outcomes. Because Peer Observation is formative rather than summative, its strength is in developing teaching excellence while building collegiality among faculty.


Become a Faculty Coach

Becoming a Faculty Coach involves these two steps.

Step 1  
ENROLL  then complete an online course.  Click the yellow link and follow the instructions. Once enrolled, you will have immediate access to materials and activities that you can complete the course at your own pace. The course contains many ideas about instructional improvement with examples that follow the quality checklist we have developed.   

Step 2
REGISTER then attend one of two consecutive, half-day workshops. Click the yellow link to see the workshop dates and times. You can attend either workshop or both, depending on how you want to be certified, as a face-to-face Faculty Coach or an online Faculty Coach. In these workshops, you will practice the observation protocols you learned in the online course.  NOTE: You must complete the online course before attending.


Faculty Coaches are sure to discover new and creative teaching strategies as they observe many types of instruction. By participating in our online training course, followed by a half-day workshop, we show prospective coaches many examples of best teaching practices. After completing this training, Faculty Coaches will gain new perspectives from their colleagues as they make suggestions and share their ideas about instructional improvement.  


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