The Department of Philosophy offers a wide range of interesting and challenging courses, designed for Philosophy majors and minors, general education students, and students majoring in the many other disciplines that connect naturally with Philosophy.

For students majoring in Philosophy, our program provides preparation for graduate work, or for employment in any field that requires analytical training, cogent reasoning, and clear self-expression.  Many of our majors have succeeded brilliantly after graduating from UM-Flint with a BA in Philosophy.  

Programs that fit your needs

If you're interested in majoring in Philosophy, you can choose from the:


Or the Philosophy Honors Program (BA)

We also offer minors to complement your main field of study:


Learn more about our degree programs.

Preparation for What Comes Next

While some students have gone on to earn degrees from top-tier philosophy doctoral programs, others have earned law or medical degrees from the very best professional programs.  If you are interested in exploring your future options, we recommend you meet with our department faculty so that we can work with you to put together a strong application package.