Sample 4 Year Plans - Philosophy

The following four-year plans are designed to assist our students in their long-term academic planning. Please note that plans should be used as a guide only, and do not guarantee course availability. All students should consult with their department or academic advisor on a regular basis.

The goals of these plans are to help students select courses each semester, know the sequence of courses and their prerequisites, and understand the requirements of your degree for on-time graduation. These plans can and will vary for each student. 


Planned Four Year Course Rotation - Philosophy Fall 2014 - Winter 2019
Above are the planned course rotations for the next four years.  Naturally, in addition to these courses we will be offering a seminar each major semester, as well as elective courses when possible.  Please keep in mind that this is just a plan, and that staffing contingencies, such as sabbaticals or unexpected retirements may require altering the offerings in a given semester.