1.  Please note the figures contained herein are estimates.  Actual cost on many items will depend upon individual needs and preferences.
2.  Future tuition and fees are estimated with a 3% increase each academic year.  Please note that these are estimates and subject to change.
3.  Estimated cost (includes books for courses taught outside PA Dept.).
4.  Students perform clinicals at several different locations and this line roughly estimates what it could cost to travel to those locations.
5.  This is the estimated direct cost of obtaining your Physician Assistant Degree.  Please note this is an estimate and actual costs may vary.
6.  Actual costs will vary depending on your personal preferences.  As stated, these are rough estimates and you might find that some do not apply to you, or that your expenses are more in certain categories, while less in others.  Pleases note that this is not an inclusive list.
7.  Highly variable.  Cost shown reflect an estimated cost of 2 students sharing a local apartment at $400/month and assumes students give up their apartment during breaks.
8.  Calculated at $300/month.
9.  Assumes minimal commuter costs at $200/month.  Personal costs could be anything from travel for shopping, entertainment, or recreation.
10.  As previously, noted, items such as clothing, toiletries, and entertainment may vary depending on your personal preferences.  However, it is recommended that you consider what your finances will allow for each item, and then budget for each item accordingly.
11.  A budget is recommended for miscellaneous items or unexpected items, should the need arise.
** May have additional costs depending on clinical rotation location e.g. drug screening, fingerprinting, etc.

Tuition and fees subject to change by the Regents of the University of Michigan.  By act of Registration, students accept the responsibility for charges of the entire semester, regardless of attendance in class.  "Registration" includes early registration, registration, and all courses added after the student's initial registration.  If you are a registered student and receiving financial aid, you are authorizing the University to deduct all University debts from your current year financial aid funds.