Successful Physician Assistant (PA) Candidate Attributes

The University of Michigan-Flint PA Program aims to matriculate students who possess the core values of excellence, diversity, integrity, collaboration and community engagement, professionalism, desire to learn, reliability and dependability. These attributes will be used to evaluate our students not only at the time of application but throughout their time in the PA Program. 

The University of Michigan-Flint PA Program holistically evaluates candidates for admission across a range of attributes necessary for successful development into skilled, compassionate PAs who are aligned with the mission of the PA Program.

Each applicant will be individually assessed for their potential as a PA. Information used to assess individual potential will include:

  • Academic record
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer) Test
  • Hands-on Health Care Experience- paid experience preferred.
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Community service, volunteer experience, and non-health care related employment
  • Supplemental essays and information (i.e., CASPA application prompts,  writing sample taken on the interview day, etc.)
  • Interviews with UM-Flint PA Admissions Committee (by invitation only)

Each applicant will be individually assessed on essential attributes 

    • academic excellence
    •  altruism and advocacy
    •  written and verbal communication skills
    • creation and discovery/critical thinking
    • desire to learn and dedication to practice as a PA, integrity, honesty, and ethics
    • leadership potential, resilience and adaptability social/interpersonal skills and teamwork,
    • technical standards adherence and on their unique potential to contribute to the educational experience
    • future potential to serve under-served population of patients,
    • future potential to serve under-served medical specialties,
    • Leadership experience, life experiences, clinical experience,
    •  Educational background, and socioeconomic status at the PA Program and the PA profession

Attributes are considered essential to the practice of medicine as a PA and therefore are required of all students admitted to the UM-Flint PA Program. Unique potential relates to the unique and valued, but not required, characteristics that an applicant may possess, which would enhance their potential to contribute to the educational experience and diversity, broadly defined, of the PA Program and to the PA profession.