Student Employment Policy*


The University of Michigan-Flint PA Program is a full-time commitment and does not permit its students to work (paid or voluntary) for the PA Program.

The Program strongly discourages students from outside employment while enrolled and does not make exceptions or alterations to required course work, scheduling, or rotation assignments for individual students due to employment. Employment status while in the program will not be used to excuse absence from scheduled learning activities, justify poor performance, or be considered as a mitigating factor when assessing students’ academic and professional progress.

During supervised clinical experiences, students may not substitute for or take the place of clinical or administrative staff and must ensure all services provided to patients are directly supervised. Students must not accept compensation for any services provided during supervised clinical experiences or otherwise as a part of the PA Program.

Students may volunteer their medical services to charitable, humanitarian or community service organizations when such services are assigned or approved within the Physician Assistant Program.

*Taken from: UM-Flint PA Program Policy VI – Student Employment 2019