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Stories of our alumni

Meet Ayana Ghosh – 2015 Alumna of CAS, UM-Flint

After graduation, Ayana continued her education at the University of Connecticut, working with the Pfizer and Argonne National Lab. When asked how UM-Flint helped prepare her for the next steps of her academic journey, Ayana shared," If I have to phrase it one line, I will just say, “UM-Flint gave me all that I expected and much more to build me in every way what I am now!” My department always supported me throughout my undergraduate career, to excel in research by providing me funding as well as opportunities to travel to different conferences to present my research. I also had the chance to balance out between finishing two majors in four academic years and engaging myself on an average of five jobs on campus. All of these have really helped me to focus on my career more along with nurturing my hobbies." 

Curious about what Ayana has been work on? She shared a recent publication from her Ph.D. program with her alma mater:


Meet Todd Butler, PhD: Alumni Spotlight

Following graduation, Todd completed his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in metallurgical engineering at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. He is currently employed by UES, Inc. and works at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as an on-site contractor in the materials and manufacturing directorate. When asked about how UM-Flint prepared him for his future career, he shared: "I owe much of my success today to experiences encountered at UM-Flint, and in particular the honors program. Classes at UM-Flint taught me how to actively think and understand scientific principles. They also provided me with a fundamental understanding of math and science that I found rivaled many other institutions. I was also active in undergraduate research, which taught me how to figure things out (problem solve) and how to properly approach challenges in life. My entire career at UM-Flint more than adequately prepared me for further graduate studies."