Physics Student Research

Motivated students studying Physics often find opportunities to work directly with their professors on research projects. Many of our students begin research as early as their freshman year! The program offers paid assistantships and internships under a faculty advisor with a wide range of topics to choose from and can be tailored to students' interests. Gain valuable skills and experience while building your resume for your career and applications for graduate and professional school! Access to a variety of research opportunities, thanks to generous alumni and university programs:


UROP allows undergraduate students to earn stipends of up to $500 per funding cycle while completing research with their faculty. 

Learn more about the UROP application process.


Similar to UROP, SURE provides an outlet for undergraduate students to take part in hands-on research with their professors while earning a stipend over the spring & summer semesters. 

Learn more about SURE

Interested in Conducting Research?

Check out the faculty research blocks below! Students interested in conducting research with faculty are encouraged to reach out directly. 

CSEP - Physics

James Alsup, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physics

Research: Black holes as condensed tools, Orbital Mechanics

Check out Dr. Alsup's study of the "Holographic Fermi Liquids in a Spontaneously Generated Lattice," recently published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry here!

CSEP - Physics

Biplob Barman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics

Research: Optical spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures at low temperatures and high magnetic fields 

Check out Dr. Barman's May 2020 study of the "Circular Polarization Dynamics during Magnetic Polaron Formation in Type-II Magnetic Quantum Dots," recently published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C here!

CSEP - Physics

Rajib Ganguly, Ph.D.

Faculty Website

Research: Supermassive Black Hole growth, Active Galaxies, Quasar Absorption Lines, Quasar Outflows

Check out Dr. Ganguly's co-authored October 2019 study of "Probing quasar winds using intrinsic narrow absorption lines," recently published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society here!

CSEP - Physics

Mojtaba Vaziri, Ph.D.

David M. French Professor and Professor of Physics and Engineering

Research: Engineering and solid-state physics in the production and characterization of nanowires.