Welcome to Political Science
at UM-Flint

The Political Science Department helps students develop skills of critical thinking and analysis that will enable them to understand political institutions and processes locally, nationally and globally. The Department also aims to empower students to engage in informed, thoughtful, and effective ways in public life.  

As a Political Science Department, we explore political institutions and power relations in society.  We study political life through different approaches: institutional, legal, historical, behavioral, philosophical, sociological, political-economic. The scope of our courses is broad, including not only the United States but also other countries and global institutions and processes. 

Political Science programs prepare students to work in government and politics, public policy, non-profits, and private industry. They prepare students for graduate study in a variety of fields, including law, public administration, public policy, education, public health, and academic social sciences. 

The Department offers several concentration programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree: The General Program in Political Science; the Honors Program in Political Science; the Joint Program in Social Sciences with an emphasis on Political Science (see Social Sciences). Two minors are offered, a Minor in Political Science and a Minor in International Relations. In addition, the Department anchors the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration. The Department provides pre-law advising for all University of Michigan-Flint students, regardless of major. It also offers an Internship in Public and Community Affairs open to a wide range of students, not just political science majors.