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The Power of UM-flint
The stories below show how UM-Flint Wolverines use their unique perspectives and Michigan education to change lives—including their own.
Santino Guerra


UM-Flint sophomore Santino Guerra was elected to the Flint City Council in November 2017.

Jaslyn Morris

Jaslyn Morris | On to become "doctor for the people"

Jaslyn Morris '17 will be going to medical school next year, with career aspirations of providing health care for those in need in the Flint area.

Zachary Hayes

Zachary Hayes | Building A Better World

As a student majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainability, Zachary Hayes '17 knew he wanted to make a positive impact on real-world environments while earning his degree. He found those opportunities at UM-Flint.

Kelsey Koch '16

Kelsey Koch | A powerful communicator

UM-Flint alumna Kelsey Koch '16 sends empowering messages through the free weekly yoga class for amputees she teaches.

Eric Keahey


Eric Keahey '17 spent three months interning at McFarlan Home in Flint, but the impact he left for the residents and staff has been lasting.