The rewards of research

Mohammed Alsarraj

A native of Flushing, MI, Mohammed Alsarraj wanted a prestigious Michigan education with a more intimate campus experience. He’s found both at UM-Flint. He’s also discovered that UM-Flint’s close-knit campus community has given him unrivaled access to unique research opportunities working directly with faculty.

“I have never seen more caring faculty than at UM-Flint," said Mohammed. "From the onset of my journey, my professors have always showed interest in my goals and abilities.”

An molecular biology and biotechnology major in UM-Flint's honors program, Mohammed has assisted his professors in developing new and less invasive treatments for lung disease, and in researching clean alternative-fuel technologies. He recently completed off-campus research at the microbiology lab in Germany’s Bergische University, where he studied causes of growth deficiencies in local trout and salmon populations.

While presenting his research findings at a national chemistry conference, Mohammed captured the attention of professors from top universities and has already been offered spots in multiple master’s programs. He plans to attend medical school and become a physician.