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The University of Michigan-Flint is the premier urban center for learning, research, and civic engagement. These traits carry through to our pre-law advice, specifically designed to maximize your ambitions and unlock your potential. 

As the fastest-growing public education institution in Michigan, we are ready to prepare you for a career in one of the many legal fields. This site is your gateway to exploring the pre-law opportunities at UM-Flint. 

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Law School Academic Preparation

With almost seventy majors and sixteen graduate programs, the University of Michigan-Flint is strategically positioned to prepare its students for the challenges and rewards of a legal career.

Law School Application Preparation

As you may know, the legal field is complex but filled with opportunities. In addition to popular fields such as prosecution and defense for criminal matters and litigating civil procedures, lawyers fill important roles in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. In this way, not all lawyers go to court and not all lawyers practice law—for instance, some teach law, while others advise corporations. Career vectors are truly limitless. With that in mind, law school admissions committees attempt to reflect the diversity of the field with the diversity of its admissions offers. Not all accepted applicants will have similar background and educational experiences.