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We're ready to prepare you for a career in medicine. This site is your gateway to exploring the premedical opportunities you have at UM-Flint. We’re here to empower you to make informed decisions and guide you through them. 

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Medical School Academic Preparation

Primary care shortages. Increasing public interest in healthcare. With these new but ever-present realities in mind, the University of Michigan-Flint is strategically positioned to prepare students for the challenges and rewards of a medical career. 

Medical School Application Preparation

The application and admissions process isn’t terribly difficult to navigate—as long as you’re prepared. Like organizing your coursework priorities, it’s really about managing logistics. If you’ve come this far in your education, you know enough about time management and goal setting to successfully complete an application checklist. 

Early Assurance Program

The Early Assurance Program (EAP) is an exciting partnership between the University of Michigan-Flint and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (MSU-CHM), designed to provide an enhanced opportunity for admission to a premier medical school for UM-Flint students interested in practicing in an underserved area of medicine. Each year, UM-Flint will assemble and submit a limited group of endorsed candidates for MSU-CHM to review. From these, MSU-CHM has agreed to grant early acceptance of admission for up to three UM-Flint students. The decision to admit an EAP applicant to MSU-CHM rests with the CHM Committee on Admissions.