COVID-19 Signage

The following COVID-19 building signage has been created in response to the university’s COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan for On-campus Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Signage has been developed to ensure signage needs are met while also providing flexibility to meet some individual building needs.

Area Closed 1
Area Closed 2
Bottle Refill
By Appointment
Computers & Copiers
Conference Room
Dining Zones
Elevator Occupancy 1
Elevator Occupancy 2
Elevator Occupancy 3
Exiting Restroom
Face Coverings
Food/Beverage Zone 1
Food/Beverage Zone 2
Gas Pumps
High Risk 1
High Risk 2
HRL – Office
HRL – Waiting
Kitchen/Break Area
No Service
Restroom Occupancy
Shared Vehicles
Stairs – Down
Stairs – Up
Stay Right
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.
Vending Machines
Workplace Tools