Printing Tips & Guidelines

Here is a list of things to consider before sending us your document(s) so you can have a print ready file. If you have any questions on setup or design please contact Printing Services.


Use programs that are good for printing (Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, etc.) Sometimes when using Word or PowerPoint the file doesn’t transfer over to the printers properly.

File Size

Make sure your file is designed to size. For example if you want a 24×36 poster and give us an 11×17 file, it might not print out with the results that you want.

File Type

Save your file as a high quality PDF. Even when using Microsoft applications (Word, Power Point or Excel) make sure to save as a PDF. Moving from one Windows computer to another or to a Mac may change the format or fonts of your document.

Image Resolution

Make sure it is at least 300 dpi. Images downloaded from the internet may look fine on your screen but may not print out as well. The image may become pixelated/blurry.


Bleed is a term for printing that goes right to the edge of the paper. You can either design it this way by making your document .25″ bigger all around or we can just trim off the white border. Make sure all design elements and text are at least .25″ from the edge. If you don’t want a bleed there will be a 1/8″ border.

UM-Flint Brand

When designing your project for the university, please make sure you review the brand guidelines found on the UM-Flint Brand Toolkit page for proper use of logo, color palette, fonts & other guidelines.