Dual DPT/PhD in PT Degree Application

Application Requirements: 

Who may submit this application form?

A currently enrolled (or eligible to enroll) UM-Flint DPT student who is seeking admission to the dual DPT/PhD degree option.  

Steps in the Application Process:

  1.  Fill out this form.
  2.  Submit application materials to the Office of Graduate Programs, University of Michigan‐Flint, 303 E. Kearsley St., Flint, MI 48502‐1950 or FlintGradOffice@umich.edu. You may also upload your documents as part of this form submission.
  3.  Additional application documents include: 
  • A clearly defined Statement of Purpose:

 a. Reasons for interest in an academic and/or research career.
 b. The desired focus area of specialization. 
     (e.g. orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, etc.)
c. Area(s) or topic(s) for scholarly inquiry.
d. Describe your past research experience in detail.
e. A description of how the applicant’s and Chair’s (or co-Chairs)
     research goals align.

  • Academic transcripts of coursework taken at another institution
    since your admission to the DPT program. If you have not taken any
    new coursework, nothing further is required. We have your transcripts.
  • Updated curriculum vitae or résumé
  • Two letters of reference from individuals able to comment on the
    applicant’s academic and clinical abilities, personal qualities, and
    potential teaching and research/scholarship capabilities, to include:

    • A letter from a faculty member within the 
      University of Michigan – Flint Physical Therapy department.
      (Applicant must submit)
    • A letter from a previous faculty member who can comment
      on the attributes listed above. (Applicant can request
      Letter of Recommendation from DPT application be used
  • Sample of a recent technical/scientific manuscript or report written
    by the applicant. (Questions regarding this manuscript/report may
    be discussed with the Associate Director for the Ph.D. in PT program
    prior to submission

We recommend a recommendation letter from a faculty member
that you have worked with on a current or previous research
project(s) and/or as a mentor for previous teaching by the applicant.

    4.   Upon completion of application form and documents submitted,
          the Office of Graduate Programs will send application and
          associated documents to the program of study for review.
          Program of study will inform the applicant of decision to admit or deny.

*Special tuition note about concurrent dual program enrollees: those students enrolled in more than one program concurrently will be charged the tuition rate of their primary program for both programs. The primary degree is defined as the higher degree, PhD in this case. Currently, there is not a difference in the per-credit rate between DPT and PhD programs. Should this change, students will be charged the PhD tuition for all courses. Details available at www.umflint.edu/tuition