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Dr. Min Huang, PT, Ph.D., NCS received the Mable Holton Award for her recent manuscript published in Gait and Posture.   The Holton Award recognizes excellence in scholarship.  Way To Go students and Dr. Huang!
September 2014

Dr. Jennifer Blackwood, PT, Ph.D., GCS has been awarded the Bruce and Lillian Wright Teaching Award, 2nd Place.  Way To Go Dr. Blackwood!
September 2014


Event Date More Information
Entry-Level DPT
Applicant Information Session
January 10, 2015 For More Information and
Click Here
American Physical Therapy Association
Combined Sections Meeting 2015
February 4 - 7, 2015 Indianapolis, Indiana
Abstract Submission Open

 Poster Presentations and Speaking Engagements







Association of Schools of
Allied Health Professions
Annual Meeting
October 22, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Fry D, Parker S,
Richardson R,
Collardey E, Moreau S
Donna Fry
Interpersonal Collaboration to Develop a Health Navigation Minor/Certificate Program
Association of Schools of
Allied Health Professions
Annual Meeting
October 23, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Fry D, Demo D,
Devine N, Butler A, Saladin L
Donna Fry
Identifying Membership Priorities for ASHP
Federal Advocacy Efforts
APTA Section on Pediatrics
Annual Conference
October 24, 2014
St. Louis, MO
Daly C,
McKinney M
Carol Daly
Knowledge Translation & Knowledge Brokering in Pediatric Physical Therapy:
A Systems Approach model for moving Research into Practice
Gerontological Society of America's 67th
Annual Scientific Meeting
November 5-9, 2014
Washington, DC
Blackwood J,
Houston T
Influence of Computerized
Cognitive Training on Measures
of Physical Functions