Steps to the PT Bridge Program


  1. Physical therapy degree or foreign equivalent of a four-year degree  
  2. Licensed in home country if home country offers licensure (If no license, proof of registration and eligibility to practice in home country is required)
  3. Access to patient population

Find Courses

  1. Identify deficiency areas
  2. Cross check course and availability below

Please note: Content provided is based on FCCPT Coursework Tool.  Prospective applicants should have any course reviewed by their credentialing agency to ensure proper satisfaction of deficiency.  

Create a Plan

  1. Identify courses and available semester
  2. Create learning plan based on course availability

Apply to the Program

  1. Apply to the PT Bridge to Credentialing Program through the Office of Graduate Programs online application, found here
  2. Receive admission from the Office of Graduate Programs

The following items are needed to complete the online application: 

  •  Transcript or diploma with bachelor's or master's degree posted (Contact the Office of Graduate Programs with questions concerning official transcripts)
  • If educated outside the United States or Canada:  FCCPT report that includes the CWT6 section stating currently eligible to pratice PT in the country in which the PT degree was awarded
  • International students must submit English proficiency requirements listed here.  Waivers of this requirement are not allowed for this program. 

Please Note: Students must apply each semester in order to enroll and complete courses in the PT Bridge to Credentialing Program.  For example, if enrolling in one course in the winter semester and one course in the fall semester - the student must apply for each semester individually.  


  1. Enter Student Information Services (SIS) and add the appropriate course 
  2. Pay tuition and fees using SIS
  3. Prepare to start semester

Please Note:

  • Courses are only offered in the semester they appear.   
  • Tuition and fees are due prior to semester start.   
  • It is recommended that all students be fully prepared to being the semester start
    • Properly enrolled
    • Tuition and fees paid
    • Proper online learning tools in place
    • Textbook obtained (or will be delivered) prior to semester start date 

Complete Course

  1. Successfully complete the course
  2. Receive final grade and official transcript

Please Note: 

  • Your course will be available in Blackboard as of 12:01am EST the first day of class
  • Online learning can require more time that expected.  Plan to spend 3 to 5 hours per week, per credit hour amount enrolled.  
  • Check your UM-Flint school email daily while enrolled in an online course to ensure proper pace and to avoid missing any important information
  • Check your online course frequently.  These courses are full of content and fast-paced.  Falling behind can be extremely difficult. 
  • Timely and professional communication with your instructor is expected
  • Your official transcript, once posted, will be available to you via SIS.  

Find Courses

Find Courses

Basic Health Science Available Course(s)
Neuroscience (Neuroanatomy / Neurophysiology)
PTP 712
PTP 748, PTP 786
Diagnostic Imaging
PTP 623
Medical Science
Available Course(s)
Integumentary PTP 747
Neurologic PTP 712
Medical Surgical Conditions across the Lifespan: Pediatrics
PTP 732
Medical Surgical Conditionn across the Lifespan: Geriatrics
PTP 786
Endocrine & Metabolic
PTP 624
Differential Diagnosis PTP 624
Examination Available Course(s)
History PTP 624, PTP 732, PTP 747
Screening PTP 624, PTP 732, PTP 786
Systems Review PTP 624, PTP 732, PTP 747
Physical Exams, Tests and Measures Selection PTP 747, PTP 732
Tests and Measures Administration: Assistive, adaptive devices PTP 870
Tests and Measures Administration: Community, work
(job, school, or play) reintegration
PTP 732
Tests and Measures Administration: Environmental, home, work barriers PTP 870
Tests and Measures Administration: Integumentary integrity PTP 747
Tests and Measures Administration: Motor Function PTP 732, PTP 712
Tests and Measures Administration: Neuromotor development,
sensory processing
PTP 732
Tests and Measures Administration: Pain PTP 624
Tests and Measures Administration: Sensory integration PTP 712
Tests and Measures Administration: Mental Functions PTP 712
Tests and Measures Administration: Mobility (excluding Gait) PTP 732
Evaluation Available Course(s)
Data Analysis and Evaluation PTP 732, PTP 624, PTP 747
Patient Problem Indentification PTP 624, PTP 732, PTP 747
Findings that Warrant Referral PTP 624
Prognosis and Goal Formulation PTP 624, PTP 732, PTP 747
Plan of Care Development PTP 732
Plan of Care Implementation Available Course(s) 
Interventions: Community, Work Functional Training PTP 732
Interventions: Integumentary Repair & Protection PTP 747
Interventions: Patient/Client Education PTP 881
Interventions: Prescription, application, as an appropriate, fabrication or assistive, adaptive, orthotic, protective, supportive, and prosthetic devices and equipment PTP 870
Interventions: Wound Debridement PTP 747
Plan of Care Management PTP 732
Supervision of Support Staff PTP 891
Outcome Assessment PTP 732, PTP 747
Discharge or Discontinuation PTP 732
Related Professional Course Work     Available Course(s)
Professional Roles and Behaviors
PTP 891
Healthcare Systems, Administration, and Management
PTP 891
Clinical Decision Making Processes - Evidence-based Practice
PTP 861, PTP 871, PTP 732, PTP 747 
Teaching and Learning (including education theory)
PTP 881
PTP 881, PTP 894
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Physical Therapy practice
PTP 732, PTP 891, PTP 786
Ethical Aspects and Values of Physical Therapy Practice
PTP 732
Cultural Competency
PTP 732, PTP 786
PTP 894, PTP 891
Health Promotion and Wellness
PTP 786
Teamwork and Interprofessional Collaboration
PTP 870, PTP 894, PTP 786

Course Availability

(Jan - Apr)
(May - Jun)
(Aug - Dec)
PTP 623 (1 cr) PTP 625 (1 cr) PTP 624 (3 cr)
PTP 712 (2 cr) PTP 748 (2 cr) PTP 732 (3 cr)
PTP 747 (2 cr) PTP 786 (2 cr) PTP 861 (2 cr)
PTP 870 (1 cr) PTP 881 (2 cr) PTP 891 (3 cr)
PTP 871 (2 cr)    
PTP 894 (1 cr)