UM-Flint Public Health Program (PHP) Applicant for Accreditation

The Public Health Program at the University of Michigan-Flint is an applicant for accreditation by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

The accreditation review will address the BS in Public Health, Master of Public Health and 4+1 Dual Bachelor/MPH degree programs.  Other degrees and areas of study offered by this institution will not be included in the unit of accreditation review.

Information regarding the accreditation process is available on the CEPH website (

A schedule of events for our application for accreditation are as follows (all dates are subject to change):

12/9/2019 – Submission of Preliminary Self-Study

1/24/2020 – Receipt of Preliminary Self-Study Feedback from CEPH Reviewers

10/16/2020 – Submission of Final Self-Study & Deadline for Stakeholder Comments

11/16-17/2020 – On-site visit to validate Final Self-Study

TBD – Tentative Council meeting date to make decision about accreditation (at least 18 weeks after on-site visit)

The date of initial accreditation will be whichever of the two dates occurs later: either 1) the date on which our application was accepted by the Council [11/2/2018] or 2) the date on which the most recent extension of applicant status was granted, if applicable. The Council assigns the date of initial accreditation during the Council meeting at which the accreditation decision is made. Entry into the process and acceptance of an application are not a guarantee of initial accreditation. The postponement due to COVID-19 is not considered an extension and will not delay the initial date of accreditation.