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Gena Welch, DNAP, CRNA

Clinical Assistant Professor/Anesthesia Program Assistant Director

Dr. Welch earned a BS in Nursing from Michigan State University in 2008, a MS in Anesthesia in 2012, and a Doctor of Anesthesia Practice in 2017. She is the Assistant Director of the Anesthesia Program, a Clinical Assistant Professor, and a practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Dr. Welch has practiced independently and in the care team model as a CRNA. She also has a BS in Agriscience and MS in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. Dr. Welch’s varied educational and professional background brings a unique style and perspective to her teaching, research, and clinical practice.

Research Interests

Dr. Welch’s research interests include enhancing clinical communication and education, preadmissions predictors of academic success, and interdisciplinary initiatives in graduate education.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Welch provides clinical instruction in the delivery of perioperative anesthetic care to a diverse patient population at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Welch teaches anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology with an emphasis on student learning and engagement. She also educates and mentors students on evidence-based practice and translational research methods.


Dr. Welch serves on the Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists Board of Directors as co-chair of the COMOM committee. She strives to advance the practice of and advocate for the nurse anesthesia profession. She frequently mentors students in practice advocacy at meetings and events with state and federal legislators.