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Reza Amini, Ph.D., MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amini has authored several book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles in public health, disability, and aging. Prior to his PhD studies, Dr. Amini practiced as a general practitioner for more than fifteen years in Iran. He also co-founded a clinic to treat patients with substance abuse disorders. He held the position of director of research division in a medical research center in Iran for ten years.

Research Interests

Dr. Amini has been studying about health problems and health needs assessment, health insurance, health-related quality of life, health care utilization, aging, and disability for more than fifteen years. He identified missing factors required to apply the outcome of research projects to public health policies for people with some levels of disability, long-term health care services, and health care disparities. He has been engaged as the principal and co-principal investigator in several funded research projects. One of his fundamental questions is how to sustain or even enhance quality of life, particularly in later life.

Dr. Amini serves as a member of the editorial board and reviewer for several peer-reviewed prestigious journals.

Teaching Experience

  • Healthcare policy and administration
  • Healthcare quality management
  • Healthcare system in the United States
  • Chronic illness and Aging

Community Engagement

As the academic co-chair of Speak To Your Health project in Genesee County also collaborating with other universities, institutes, and community partners, Dr. Amini is conducting projects on healthcare outcomes and health-related quality of life.