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Public Health & Health Sciences

Shan Parker, Ph.D.

Director of Public Health & Health Sciences/Associate Professor

Dr. Parker received her doctorate in Health Education and Health Promotion jointly from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health where she also received her M.P.H. Her B.S. in Biology is from the University of South Alabama. Dr. Parker is a health promotionist who has focused her efforts on working with minority populations, specifically African Americans in addressing disease prevention.

Research Interests

Her areas of interest include HIV/AIDS and STD prevention and reproductive health. She also works in the areas of diabetes education, nutrition, and breast and cervical cancer prevention.

She has been engaged in research at the university acting as the principal investigator on a research project to address HIV and gonorrhea prevention among youth. She has conducted research with HIV prevention and substance abuse and is engaged in evaluation research with a number of programs in the community.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Parker teaches primarily in health education.


She has worked in developing culturally sensitive interventions for minority populations including women, adolescents, and persons in substance abuse treatment and has brought her expertise to her work with many community agencies in Flint to address these health issues for the citizens of Flint.